:: WHAT & WHY ::

I’m starting this blog in an effort to transparently and honestly communicate the journey that my husband and I are in the midst of with our debt and finances. As the bottom started to fall out from underneath us last year (2008), I was able to find some on-line resources that gave us pointers and encouragement, and I thought that maybe we could pay that help forward by sharing our process.

So what do I hope that will look like? My goal is:

  • to relay our history
  • to evaluate our good and bad decisions
  • to post a minimum of 3 times a week
  • to track our success with out debt reduction plan
  • to identify resources for budget planning and debt reduction
  • to learn from those who visit the blog
  • to discuss the option of bankruptcy and what alternatives are available. 
  • to have our commercial/credit card debt paid off by July 2012

Why would I do such a thing? I know that people in my ethnic and social demographic seldom have honest conversations about money and what we do with it. I don’t know how much my friends make and they don’t know how much I make. And part of our problem as things started to go awry is that we have had such a hard time communicating how bad things have gotten – we don’t want to be the downers at the party, or the friends that can never afford to go out.  How much easier would it be to walk along side our friends and family in life if we knew where people were really at in their struggles? 

So here we are. It’s a first step. 

Let me know if there are any topics about which you would like me to focus on/share. Thanks for stopping by…


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