Mid-month update for March

This month has been one of the toughest so far, due to our car repairs at the beginning of the month. We really needed the net amount of $395 to help pay our bills and keep us in the black, so these next few weeks feel very treacherous. We’re cutting back as much as we can – we’re cutting our food costs back 20-25% and we’re really limiting any leisure activities. 

But, we HAVE been paying down our debt, and with the adjustment in our tax liability and our recent payments, we’ve reduced our obligations by $4,008.52 since 2.26.09. I know that every month won’t feel so accomplished, but it’s good to feel like we are getting *somewhere* in the process. We just really want to get closer to debt-free – and it looks like our current date is July 23, 2012. That’s right – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. I just keep thinking about how great it will feel to give more to our church and to have an extra $1,200/month to save or spend as we need.


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