Mid-Month report :: April 2009

This month seems to be a little harder than last month – I haven’t quite put my finger on why that is, but I am feeling a little more “squeezed” when I look at the budget and the cash flow. Part of it is another car repair (one shouldn’t ignore a cracked serpentine belt, I hear) and the other is the fact that we have this one credit card that we settled with a 6-month payment (I’ll write a post about that process soon), but that means $1,600+ payments each month for 6 months. I promise you, we do *not* have an extra $1,600 laying around, so it has been quite an amazing process as we look for it. 

But on to the “successes” so far this month – we have paid down a net of $484.10 so far. In the next 5 days, we’ll add another $1,974 to that, which will feel a little more accomplished, since our net goal for April is in the $2,800 arena. 

I’ve been reading some posts by others talking about selling their stuff to make money – my husband and I should take another look and see if there are some things that we could sell. We had about $2,000 worth of things to go when we downsized, but only one person came to our “Moving Sale” – it was a little disappointing, to say the least. But maybe we can figure something out for this next month to help provide a little “breathing room” as we push hard to our monthly goal. Keep cheering us on!


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