An intersesting article from TIME

Here are a couple of excerpts from this great article on the TIME website titled, “The Great Recession: America Becomes Thrift Nation,” by Nancy Gibb:

Talk to people not just about how they feel but about how they’re living now, and you hear more resolve than regret. Nearly half say their economic status declined this year, and 57% now think the American Dream is harder to achieve. And yet pain and promise are a package deal; even after all this, fully 56% believe that America’s best days are ahead. It would be nice if it took something short of a heart attack to get us to work out, eat better and spend more time with our kids. But in the end, where we wind up matters more than how we got there.

I like the optimism, because that is where I am choosing to live in the midst of this really dark financial time for our family – I choose to believe that it will get better, for all of us. I think it will take honesty and work from everyone, but I do believe we can get there. 

But I think the best part comes in the last two paragraphs:

No one wishes for hardship. But as we pick through the economic rubble, we may find that our riches have buried our treasures. Money does not buy happiness; Scripture asserts this, research confirms it. Once you reach the median level of income, roughly $50,000 a year, wealth and contentment go their separate ways, and studies find that a millionaire is no more likely to be happy than someone earning one-twentieth as much. Now a third of people polled say they are spending more time with family and friends, and nearly four times as many people say their relations with their kids have gotten better during this crisis than say they have gotten worse.

A consumer culture invites us to want more than we can ever have; a culture of thrift invites us to be grateful for whatever we can get. So we pass the time by tending our gardens and patching our safety nets and debating whether, years from now, this season will be remembered for what we lost, or all that we found.

Read the whole article at:,8599,1891527,00.html#?iid=perma_share 

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