End of the Month

Just as I was surprised last month, I’m shocked to find again, the I’m actually looking forward to the end of this month to take stock of where we are. We struggled a little more with our budget this month, but have agreed to make some adjustments starting next month, so we can stay more in-line with what our goals are. 

I also started back at grad school two nights a week, which adds around 150 miles/week, meaning two additional tanks of gas a month, so we will need to adjust for that, also. Luckily, the lending company from my undergrad student loans is deferring my payments while I’m enrolled – we’ll still pay the interest, but that will provide an additional cushion for the next few years…I was so pleased to hear my husband say, “we should put some of that in savings.” 

Look at us, all grown up 🙂


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