Success :: Update 7.10.2009

Today is another day to celebrate as we paid off one of our cards today, and since I haven’t even activated the one they sent a *year* ago, I think we’ll be pretty safe from using it. This is a little success, but each step helps us to feel like we’re getting closer and closer to our goal.

So now we just have 8 cards left to pay off, 2 loans and 2 tax liabilities. One loan will be paid off this month, and one of the tax liabilities will be completely paid next month – it feels great to get some traction on this debt reduction.

Of course, kudos and thanks are in order to my mother as she is the one who helped us to get a little boost in our reduction, as well as put some money aside in our emergency funds. She gave us a nice gift as a “good job” in paying off our first settlement (see Success :: Update 6.15.09), so we were able to put some aside and we’re half-way to our monthly goal of $535 in emergency savings (we’re at $280). This is remarkable for us, especially since we have been salivating over the Wii Fit for about 10 months now. We could have taken the money and purchased it, for full retail, but instead, we paid off debt and put it in savings.

Maybe we’ll get a Wii for Christmas… 🙂


2 thoughts on “Success :: Update 7.10.2009

  1. Maybe you could do something to earn extra money that you could set aside towards your Wii. For example, if you are physically able, you could donate plasma for a few months. I know around my area that you make about $200 a month if you do the 2x a week donations. You could have a nice Wii in just a few months.

    I save all my pop can money in a jar and I’m putting that towards something I want. I’m in horrible debt, too, but I don’t find it too difficult to make a few dollars a week in pop cans (mostly they are from people that leave them in my parking lot, or I find them in the road, etc.) and while they are only 10 cents each in my state, they add up fast. My jar only has about $20 in it, but I’m thinking it will get me a nice new Old Navy sweatshirt or something like that by fall. And I won’t throw off my “no spending” vow that way.

  2. Some great ideas, Mary. What state are you in that refunds 10 cents/can? That’s great! I’m afraid it is by weight here, but it’s nice to have a little extra on hand here and there when we do take it in. Good luck on your saving and “no spending.”

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