I have a love/hate relationship with my car

I’ll fully admit that I waver between loving and hating my car in the last year. It is a 7+ year old Saturn, and it’s been paid off for over 2 years. It ran just fine, only needing brake replacements (it’s a stick shift and we live in LA – it is expected) and regular maintenance for the first five years…but then…

Of course repairs started coming after the last payment was made, because that seems the be the natural order of the universe. It’s become way more of a burden this year, especially since we cancelled the cards that we would usually use for big car repairs – now the impact is much more painful, because it comes out of our cash flow, meaning that we have to adjust somewhere.

This week, we had to replace the radiator in our car to the tune of $490. Ow. Now that just hurts.

However, since we had built up some money in our emergency fund, we were able to move the money out of savings and pay the bill. There was no credit card required. How about that?!? We’ve never really experienced that before, and though it was painful to know that we’ll have to build that fund up again, we can take some pride in knowing that the *better* decisions we are making now are starting to counteract the *bad* decisions we had made before.

So we don’t have a little chunk of cash to use to celebrate our 11th Wedding Anniversary this weekend, but at least we will be able to rest easier about the immediate cash flow, and that’s something to celebrate, too.


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