Monthly report coming soon, but thoughts in meantime…

This was a tough month – some of it was circumstantial, some of it was because of choices that we made.

The biggest issue was needing to replace the broken radiator in my car to the tune of $500. Ouch.

Then, we have already spent our Medical Flexible Spending Account, so around $200 worth of doctor appointments and prescriptions hit us. Oh, that stings.

Lastly, one of our creditors erroneously charged two $370 payments, instead of the one that they were scheduled to get. Someone get the Bactine.

But the part that is our fault…we went crazy with the food this month. Bad on us.  It started with the 4th of July weekend, and we didn’t manage to get it under control, so we are dealing with the effects now, you’d better believe it.

So even though the reporting isn’t ready for the month, we know a large part of the thing that we need to change…and it is a continual struggle, so we’re going to have to start being a lot more stringent in our planning. That’s code for: I need to plan all meals for the entire month. 🙂


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