Getting ready for school

This week I registered for my two classes for the fall term. I’m excited to start back, but I’m a little nervous that the rushing from work to school three nights a week and the ensuing exhaustion will make it hard for us to stick to our meal plan. I will have to rely on my husband greatly to help prepare and pack my meals and I’ll need to make sure that I put time aside each week for the planning and shopping (we do the shopping together and the times that I am not able to, my husband is wonderful as long as I give him a good list).

The other thing that tickles the back of my brain is the fact that grad school is so darn expensive. It’s about $3,000 (classes, texts and gas) for me to take two classes for 10 weeks – ouch. What has changed for us from the first 9 classes I took is that I have applied for and accepted financial aid – this is a much better choice than what we were doing before, which was to do a payment plan or to put it on a credit card (I know – bring on the ridicule). After this term, I’ll have 23 more classes to complete to receive my Masters degree. So if we do the math…carry the one…yup, that’s $34,500 to come. My hope is that when we are done paying off our debt in 2 years, 10 months, I’ll be down to 11-13 classes left, and that the extra cash that we will have will be paid for by our additional cash flow. That should work since we’ll have an additional $19,800/year.

It is thinking about these things that help me to pack my lunch, or make wise choices when shopping – the rewards at the end of this journey are worth the hard work…


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