September 2009 :: Goals

Our goal for September is to pay $1,259 toward our debt. Of course, there is interest ($437) , so the net will be $822.

So our totals at the end of September should be:

Credit Card Debt  ::  $40,203.90
Taxes Owed         ::   $  3,385.84
Personal Loans    ::
$            0.00

Total Debt*           ::  $43,589.74

*does not include school loans

And now for the Savings Goals – at the end of September, we aim to have:

Regular Savings  :: $    300
Family Leave       :: $    800
Emergency           ::
$    535

Total Savings       :: $ 1,635

According to MSN Money, our debt-free date is :: June 24, 2012!!!

But I think we can get it all paid off by March 2012, which is 4 months earlier, so we have June as our goal and March as our “push” goal (can I get a nod from all of the retail management surviors).


What's your thought?

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