Getting ready for school

Today I start back with my evening classes for grad school. I’m excited, but I just stopped to think about how much work it is going to be on top of the money and living on our restricted budget while adding these extra hours to my life. The areas I’m worried about:

  1. Food – this new schedule means I’ll need to pack 5 lunches and 3 dinners each week. And since I’ll be out for those three evenings, I’ll have to be smart about when I’m packing them
  2. Gasoline – I’m adding 75 miles/day each time I go to school, and a lot of that is in stop-and-go traffic, so our gas consumption will go up about $25/week…it’s got to come from somewhere, because we pretty much manage to spend all of our gas budget each month…
  3. Time – yeah, it’s a weird one to put on a financial blog, but the 8 hours of additional commute, plus the time that is lost being at home and getting things done (plus being aware of what the hubby is spending) is a concern

It looks like I need to be very intentional about setting aside an hour each week to take a close look at my schedule, identify the areas in which I’m going to need help and ask the wonderful hubby to pick up the slack. If I can develop a really strong plan, I think these next 11 weeks will work out and we’ll be able to stay on top of our budget.

I’m looking forward to seeing where we ended up this month – I think (hope) we had more hits than misses!


2 thoughts on “Getting ready for school

  1. I agree with documenting EVERYTHING and making sure to set some time aside to look at schedule and see whats working and whats not. Congrats on grad school and I’m sure the 11 weeks will fly by before you know it! =)

    • Thanks, Bunni! I’m sure I’ll look back in the middle of December and say “Wow – that went quick!” And I hope that statement is followed by “Where did all of this money come from?!?” [chuckle].

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