You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me…

Check out this article – unbelievable…


Moving Day!

After a month of looking at many, many apartments, we have signed a lease and have started moving to a new place!

This is the biggest reason for my neglect on the blog – every waking moment of “free time” in the last few weeks was pretty much spent looking at postings and apartments. We had given our notice on Oct 1st, so I was starting to get worried that we were going to have to stay an additional month and drag the process on even longer, but last Thursday (10/15), I saw a posting and things moved forward so quickly that we were able to sign the lease on Saturday – a mere 48 hours after seeing the ad!

So, now we move. And, we take a hit in the wallet (ouch, that hurt). But we had been preparing for this, so there was deposit/move-in money put aside, so it isn’t as bad as it has been in the past and I anticipate that we’ll be able to recover from all of this just fine.

The kitchen of the new place has 3x the counter-space of the old, and storage for all of our kitchen items, so I anticipate that our food prep will be much easier and we’ll save money because we’ll be able to cook at home more. We also now have a large patio that will hold our grill, prep table and patio furniture, which means two more cost-saving things: (1) we’ll be able to grill our proteins (which is also better for our diets), and (2) we’ll be able to entertain more! In fact this place has enough room to have several people over at a time without crowding, so I’m excited to think that we’ll be able to socialize more (and responsibly).

Out-of-debt date :: Update :: 10.9.09

Yesterday, I wrote about needing to find $91 to move our Out-of-debt date a month closer. After taking a look at the tax bill that came in, I’ve adjusted our numbers in money and found that our new date is…

June 24, 2012!

How terribly exciting, as that is just 2 years 8 months away!

And, I *think* we can get that date even closer with our tax refund, etc. so I hopeful that we will be debt-free in February 2012 – that’s 4 months earlier, which is a crazy goal, but I remain hopeful.

So, after 7 months, we are 29% paid off and it looks like we’ll be at 100% just in time for the summer of 2012!

If MS Money says it, then it must be true

Today, I checked our MS Money file and looked at the debt reduction feature to make sure that our debt-free date was still July 24, 2012.

I decided to play around with the “One-time payment” feature that tells you what the impact would be on your debt  if you made an additional one-time payment. What I found out is that if we pay an extra $91 this month, our debt-free date should move to June 24, 2012. That’s one month sooner!!!

So now I need to take a look at our cash flow and projected purchases this month and see where we can trim. It would be nice to say, “we’ll be out of debt in 2 years, 8 months – it’s practically 2 1/2 years…” 🙂