What are the real costs of a move?

Having finally (on Tuesday) moved the last item from our old apartment to our new apartment, I started a mental tally of some of the costs that we incurred with our move.

This includes:

  • New non-slip bath mat ($19.99)
  • Sink/dish protectors ($19.97 for 3) – since we no longer have a dishwasher
  • Dish drainer ($5.99)
  • Floor cleaning/care products ($15.00) for our new laminate floors
  • Deep carpet cleaning ($190) – we had to have the bedrooms cleaned as I am allergic to dog and guess who had violated their lease before us…
  • Food for our volunteers ($35)
  • Safety locks for the sliding glass doors ($25)
  • more that I can’t think of at the moment.

So just that comes to $310.95. Yikes

And it doesn’t include the additional food costs (from not having a working kitchen for a week) or the three pro-rated days that we were charged extra as we couldn’t get all of our belongs out of our old apartment.

I think we learned some lessons, and my husband’s take away from all of this is the following declarative statement that he made last week:

“We are not moving again until we can afford to hire movers.”

Duly noted.


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