Clipping the Coupons!

Last week I decided to see how much money I could save on coupons, so I went to a few websites that help thrifty shoppers to find coupons and tried to see what I could find.

I started with visiting the grocery store website – Now that the store down the street is a Ralphs, and the nearest Albertson’s was quite a bit further, we decided that our main store for now will be Ralphs, so we can save money on gas and time. Eventually, I’d like it so that we could start walking to and from the grocery store for our smaller trips, both for gas savings, as well as additional exercise. So to the Ralphs website I went and found that they have a pretty cool Flash website that let’s you thumb through their weekly ad and construct a shopping list for printing. Albertson’s has the same thing and we have used it for the last year, so I was glad to see it at the new store, also.

While I was on the Ralphs site, I also found that they had a link to P&G eSAVER, which is a site that links coupons to your shopper’s reward card, so you don’t have to clip. It’s a time saver and good for the environment, too.

Eventually, I ended up at Coupon Mom and found that there were quite a few ways to print and clip coupons from this site. It is a bit overwhelming for me as I really on have about a lunch hour to complete the shopping list and coupon selection for the week, so I’m going to need some way to streamline and organize.

So after all of the research, clipping and shopping list construction, we headed to the store for an hour of exploring our new grocery store and prepping food for the week. Between my coupons, the sales and some Ralphs Rewards certificates, we purchased $242 worth of groceries and household products for $114, which felt like a real win!

But I still need some help, because I think we could do this even better – so, my dear readers…

What are your hints and tips for streamlining this process? How do you organize your coupons? What is the best physical coupon organizer?


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