So…about the student loans

If you have ever looked at our updates of our debt reduction, no doubt you have noticed the asterisk that notes that “* doesn’t include school loans.” Perhaps you are wondering why we have not included these, as they are most definitely debt.

This is why we have decided not to include them – because we are still adding to the total. As I am still pursuing my grad school education, I have taken loans out to fund this part of my journey. It seemed to us as this would only be going up in the next few years (until we had our consumer debt paid off) we would wait to add it to our total for the time being.

But the reality is this — it is around $50,000 at the moment. Which is a little scary, but we are very grateful that the interest rate is low and that mine is in deferment as I am continuing my studies.

upromise3However, even while in deferment, I am trying to put little bits here and there toward my school debt, and one of the ways that I am doing that is through UPromise. This site is allowing me to earn pennies here and there to put toward my school loans. I earn them by registering for grocery coupons, using my debit card for certain restaurants and online shopping. Also, my mother has registered on the site, so when she uses her grocery cards or shops online, I get a percentage toward my debt reduction, too.

I debated about whether I should put this link on the site, but after talking to a few people, I was convinced that it would be okay to tell you that if you were interested, you, too could help add pennies to my debt reduction journey by signing up as a Guest Shopper. You will get access to thousands of coupons and deals, and I would get UPromise savings with every eligible purchase you make, helping us on our journey.   So, if you are interested, please feel free to click on this link:

***If you have your own student loans, or someone you are close to is trying to reduce them through this program, I encourage you to sign up to help them, or yourself instead of me. I’m not trying to take the opportunity from anyone; I’m just looking for ways to add to our debt reduction that are win-win situations.


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