Black Friday 2009

We weren’t planning on going shopping today, but we are visiting my parents (who graciously cashed in 120,000 miles for our tickets) for Thanksgiving, so there were some places that they wanted to go and we just tagged along. I had received an Impact Bonus Award at work this week, and that netted out at $200, so my husband and I each got our allotment (as noted in an earlier POST) of $30 to spend any way we wanted, so I was comforted to know that could at least purchase something small if we found a good deal.

But what happened instead is that my father decided that he would like to make it even more fun for us, so he gave us $200 cash each with the specific instructions that we were not to save it, but that we must spend it! What a great gift! So, my husband purchased two Wii games that we had wanted and talked about maybe getting in some after Christmas sales (we have decided that he and I would not purchase any gifts for each other before Christmas, but would instead take advantage of the sales that come up at the end of December/beginning of January). And I purchased a few kitchen items and I still have $160 to spend. I’m looking at some Le Creuset


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