I’ve got the car repair blues…

Well, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, only to return to $800 of truck repairs (clutch) when we returned. This has bummed me out.


It’s not that we couldn’t find the cash flow, because we have emergency money now and we were able to make it happen. No, it is because I really would have loved to have a little extra for Christmas presents this year, and now our tiny Christmas got even smaller.

I’m not trying to sound whiny, but after spending about $1,800 in car repairs and maintenance since the beginning of the year, I’m feeling a little blue.

But my husband can get to work, so I’m thankful for that!

I hope everyone is pleased with home-baked bread for Christmas this year 🙂


2 thoughts on “I’ve got the car repair blues…

  1. Car repairs can really be costly so always take good care of your car to avoid costly repairs in the future. Proper maintennance is essential when dealing with automotive stuffs.

    Kind regards

  2. There are three main criteria used in pricing any given auto repair. The first is the labor rate, or what the shop charges for the time and expertise that goes into repairing your vehicle. The second is for the parts themselves, and whatever other shop support materials are used in the process of the repair. The third area to consider are the fixed costs or overhead that the repair shop has to cover, but that doesn’t get reflected on your bill.

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