Can I please have the interest on my Tax Rebate?

Last night we finished up our taxes and pressed “send” on the e-file button in our tax program.

We *should* be getting over $6,000 in refunds this year, which should take out the remainder of our tax bill and (hopefully) two of the credit cards!

Obviously, we didn’t expect that our Federal return was so big for 2009, and I know that we were trying to make sure that we had some refund coming our way, so that we could apply that towards our tax debt, but we had no idea that some of the deductions and credits that fell in our favor were going to apply.

Since I know I can’t *really* have the interest on the money that the GOV has been holding for me, I think we should be taking a closer look at what is happening in our income this year and see if we can reduce just a little bit of our withholding so that the rest of the year is a little bit easier on the budget.

Although, I have to say, it is nice to have a big chunk of money to just put toward the debt-reduction – I can’t wait to see  our next debt-free date (I hope to have that ready in the next two weeks)!!!!

Have you filed yet?


What's your thought?

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