Success :: 4.27.10

Yesterday’s mail brought with it the expense reimbursement check for my consulting gig last month, which means…

We paid off another card today!!!

Our Bank of America card balance is $0!!!!

According to MSN Money, our new debt-free date is…

November 24, 2011

That is 19 months away, people…and that is months earlier than when we started this whole thing, so we’re feeling pretty great!!!


Credit Karma :: Update – 4.24.10

Last month, I posted on Credit Karma and revealed that my credit score was:


Well, I checked it again this month, curious as to how the efforts of the last few months were going to affect my score and what I found is that my new score is:


So it looks as though things are getting better on that front! I need to pull an actually FICO score to compare, but this at least helps to give me an idea!

It also told me the following factoids:

  • Your total debt is lower than 36% of users
  • Lenders view your creditworthiness, based on your score as Good
  • Your score compares to consumers nationwide at the 70th percentile

Have you looked at this service? If so, have your pulled your FICO and how did they compare?

Hey, who are you?

Hi there!

I realized yesterday, I’ve been doing all of the talking for a while and while it would seem that blogs do lend themselves to that type of dynamic, I would really love to find out more about YOU!

So let’s hear it!

  • Who are you?
  • What brought you to this blog?
  • Have you learned anything from my journey?
  • Have you learned anything you’d like to share from your journey?
  • What is your best cost-saving tip?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

It’s not you, it’s me

Thanks for those of you who have been stopping by – I’m so sorry that I haven’t been updating the last few months as much as I like to. Between school and work, I’ve been really overwhelmed, but that isn’t really acceptable, the way I see it – I promised to try and post at least 3 times/week, so let’s get back on the train.

So what has been going on?

This week was the paycheck with the furlough week taken out. Last year, along with lay-offs, my husband’s company instituted furlough for the employees instead of pay cuts. I completely support this, because when the eventually *do* have raises, I would like it to be based on his salary now, not his *discounted* salary. So, we spent the time between the announcement and now putting money away so that we wouldn’t feel this week so much with only 1/2 his salary. Look at that – we can learn… 🙂

Also, I sent my husband up to see his family during his furlough, so I spent some of the family leave money on that, too. This was important, because I think that it has been over 6 years since he was up there…that’s not good. I’m so hopeful that as our debt-free date gets closer and closer that we’ll be able to start to plan what to do with the extra money we’ll have (whoo-hoo!) and that some of that will entail more regular trips for him to go spend time with his family.

It looks like we’ll probably be able to pay off another credit card this month – my consulting check (which is late) is going to be bigger than expected and we received some money from my job to offset some of my tuition (it’s only about 15% of what I’m paying a year, but every bit counts, right?), so it looks like we are getting close to another success! I love those!

Well, I’ll save some of the updates for upcoming posts, but thanks for continuing to check in!

Updated Look!

The sun is out (well, to be fair, I live in Southern California…), the sky is clear, the birds are singing…I think Spring is here!

So I thought I would do some Spring Cleaning and see if I could update the ol’ blog!

What do you think?

April 2010 :: Goals – Updated

Our goal for April is to pay $2,849** toward our debt. Taking into account the interest that will be charged ($258) , the net will be $2,591.

So our totals at the end of April should be:

Credit Card Debt    ::  $ 30,047.17
Taxes Owed              ::  $          00.00
Personal Loans        ::  $          00.00

Total Debt*              ::  $ 30,047.17

*does not include school loans

And now for the Savings Goals – at the end of April, we aim to have:

Regular Savings  :: $     65
Family Leave       :: $   627
Emergency           :: $     634

Total Savings      :: $   1,326

According to MSN Money, our debt-free date is :: January 24, 2012

But I’m not really feeling patient enough to wait for 21 months, so we are pushing our debt-free goal to November, 2011 – which is 19 months away!

**Note – thanks to Shannon, who graciously pointed out my error!

March 2010 :: Report

Debt Reduction

Our goals for March were:

Credit Card Debt    ::  $ 32,265.89
Taxes Owed              ::  $          00.00
Personal Loans        ::  $          00.00

Total Debt*              ::  $ 32,265.89

And here is where we were after 3.31.2010:

Credit Card Debt    ::  $32,638.12
Taxes Owed           ::   $       00.00
Personal Loans      ::   $       00.00

Total Debt*             :: $32,638.12

*does not include school loans

We were almost $400 away from our goal, but we met our minimum payments, at least. Here’s hoping next month goes a little smoother ( I have a feeling it will).


I hate to sound like a broken record. I hate to sound like a broken record. Sorry, a little humor makes it all more palatable. We had major car repairs this month, so we took a hit of about $1,300.  Ouch.  I was also on vacation the last week of March (road trip) so our dining out and gasoline was higher than normal, too.


Savings Goals for March:

Regular Savings  :: $     140
Family Leave       :: $  1,147
Emergency           :: $     517

Total Savings      :: $   1,804

Where we landed at the end of March:

Regular Savings  :: $   32
Family Leave       :: $  797
Emergency           :: $  504

Total Savings      :: $ 1,333

We had to clean out some of our regular savings to offset some of the car repair costs, which didn’t feel too good. But it felt better once we realized that we didn’t have to incur long-term credit card debt in order to get the thousands of dollars of work completed.

We also bought my husband’s plane ticket home (he has a week of furlough from his job, so we are sending him home for the first time in over 6 years) from the Family Leave fund. But that is what it is for, so we can’t feel bad about that either.