Hey, who are you?

Hi there!

I realized yesterday, I’ve been doing all of the talking for a while and while it would seem that blogs do lend themselves to that type of dynamic, I would really love to find out more about YOU!

So let’s hear it!

  • Who are you?
  • What brought you to this blog?
  • Have you learned anything from my journey?
  • Have you learned anything you’d like to share from your journey?
  • What is your best cost-saving tip?

Can’t wait to hear from you!


4 thoughts on “Hey, who are you?

  1. My name is Renae from Autonomous Blogger/Launderlife. I think I found you from the wordpress dashboard of random posts and yours sounded interesting. I am amazed with your success and find it wonderful that you are working so hard to regain stability in this part of your life. I was a former banker by profession and I love to see success stories in action, like yours.

    My best tips: To remember what is a need and what is a want. Cell phones, movie tickets, internet, cable, restaurants, $5,000+ cars ARE wants…not needs. To beat the interest you are paying on debt, some wants must be eliminated.

    Also, facing reality and accountability. Share with your partner your current situation so that you are both on the same financial “team.” Money programs such as mint.com help track where you are leaking money. Checking into your internet banking daily or every other day also helps accountability.

    • Hi Renae!

      I love that we both have the same name! Thanks so much for your support and for your great comments. I agree about the accountability and being on a team – just this month, my husband said to me “for the first time, I really believe that we’re going to do this.” I kind of looked at him and said, “of course we are – we just lived on a budget for over a year, nothing can stop us now!” 🙂

      Thanks for being on the journey with us – it is easier with company 😉

  2. Hi~

    I found this blog when I was trying to convince myself I wasn’t crazy for wanting to keep an internet blog about my own out-of-debt journey. I like to see other people’s progress too and I don’t feel so alone when I struggle. I celebrate along with you. I am impressed with your dedication. Three years is a long time. We have had lots of hiccups, too, but I guess when you have the goal, you get very focused, and find ways to deal with what life throws at you.


    • Thanks Laurel!

      You *aren’t* crazy for wanting to blog your journey. This feels like a lonely road, which is a little weird, since so many people are on it – the issue is that we’re all too “polite” or “scared” to talk about it. But we’re so much stronger in our fight if we know that we’re not struggling alone…knowing that there are others out there and that we can cheer each other along really helps, doesn’t it!

      Thanks for your support and for introducing yourself 🙂

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