April 2010 :: Report

Debt Reduction

Our goals for April were:

Credit Card Debt    ::  $ 30,047.17
Taxes Owed              ::  $          00.00
Personal Loans        ::  $          00.00

Total Debt*              ::  $ 30,047.17

And here is where we were after 4.30.2010:

Credit Card Debt    ::  $28,639.05
Taxes Owed           ::   $       00.00
Personal Loans      ::   $       00.00

Total Debt*             :: $28,639.05

*does not include school loans

Look at that! We were $1,300+ over our goal! I had a great consulting check come in that was a little more than expected and we were able to pay off another credit card – it felt great! (Yes, Shannon, I guess there are money elves, after all).


We fell down in the food area, and we didn’t do a great job of some of the budgeting for the week of furlough that my husband was on in April, so I wasn’t thrilled with how we overspent our food budget this month. We’re already doing a better job of planning for May, so I’m hoping that we can get that back to a manageable level again.


Savings Goals for April:

Regular Savings  :: $     65
Family Leave       :: $   627
Emergency           :: $     634

Total Savings      :: $   1,326

Where we landed at the end of April:

Regular Savings  :: $   74
Family Leave       :: $  667
Emergency           :: $  636

Total Savings      :: $ 1,377

We did a good job hitting our savings goals this month! We will keep it going!


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