Article :: Frugality among consumers

Yahoo has this article up today that suggests that consumers are “shopping more prudently and learning to live with less” in response to the state of the economy and the reality that their savings and investments are worth less than they were before.

I know that when we started this journey that we certainly took both of these steps and that we have continued to live that way for 18 months. Whenever we talk about being debt-free, we don’t really talk about getting all “spendy” in our lifestyle. We talk about saving up to go on vacation, or to be able to give to our community more. But I say it from this side of the fence – it will take a lot of self-control not to go all crazy once we have that $1,600 back each month…

That being said, I’m hopeful that there will continue to be a trend toward more simple living that values community and relationship over status and spectacle.

Here is the article:  Frugality among consumers is outliving recession – Yahoo! Finance.

What do you think?


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