Feelin’ Poor?

A few days ago, I wrote a little about the experience of getting to take some friends out to dinner – just recently I read an MSNMoney article by MP Dunleavey called “How Rich Friends Make You Feel Poor” that I wanted to share with you all.

Here is one of the quotes from the article with which I really resonate:

It’s uncomfortable, often painful, to feel as if you don’t measure up. Or as if you can’t keep up with people you like, admire or feel close to — financially and otherwise. Friendships are usually founded on a core feeling of equality or at least parity: “I get you, and you get me. We have similar resources and values.”

This is sooooooooo true. And this can definitely affect relationships.

I really appreciate the author’s stated goals for the next time she’s in a sticky spending situation with a friend – I think these strategies will work:

  • Stick to my numbers. A friendship isn’t going to expire over 20 bucks here or there.
  • Avoid situations (or people) that I know are going to be overpriced.
  • Communicate my preferences. It’s not embarrassing to state your limits. Would you mind if a friend stated hers?

What are your strategies for dealing with this situation??


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