Time to get the house in order

Okay, this isn’t the post about the budget issues for May (that I’m dreading), but it is a declaration of some lifestyle changes that need to happen in our lives. I mean my life, but if it what I write below applies to you, then let’s do this together!

  1. Time to de-clutter – what does that have to do with debt, you say? Take a look at this article about How Clutter is Linked to Debt and see if you can’t see some valid points in there.  My thought is that clutter keeps us from really being able to enjoy what we have, so we don’t treasure our time at home and the things we already have, and instead, start to look at what we think we need and want. I want to be more appreciative and grateful for what I do have, so I need to start using and enjoying it
  2. No more cafeteria coffee – the free coffee that we have at work is horrid. No, seriously. You could use it to clean toilets. So everyday, I go down to our cafeteria and purchase a $1.69 cup of coffee. What the heck is wrong with me? Yes, I get that it isn’t a $4 cappuccino. It doesn’t matter. I could drink water, or use a french press to make my own coffee at my desk.  If I buy a $7 bag of coffee each month, I should save about $33/month.
  3. Must clean out the cupboards – I am blessed with a lovely, large kitchen that is far bigger than one finds in a standard apartment. But we are not using it to its maximum potential because our pantry is just not organized enough. This is an easy fix, but I just need to take the time to do it.
  4. What is hubby’s credit score anyway – due to sheer laziness, I have only been looking at my own credit score. This just won’t do anymore. We need to check his out and make sure that we are doing all we can to raise both of ours.
  5. Yarn Sale! – Okay, it is early to announce it, but I have approximately $1,000 worth of yarn in apartment. It is a problem, it totally admit it. If you aren’t a knitter/crocheter, you may not know that it is totally normal. But we are trying to make more space AND re-focus my creative energies. This looming wall (no, seriously, it is a WALL) of yarn is too intimidating and needs to be pared down. So, I am going to log everything on Ravelry.com and then sell everything that isn’t already dedicated to a project. I anticipate I will be able to reduce my yarn levels by 65% and hopefully make a nice little sum for an important fund we have set up.

I think that 5 steps is enough for me right now – I’ve learned that more than that is too much for this busy gal and will just become something that haunts me instead of inspiring me.

And we all want to be inspired, right?

What is on YOUR house-cleaning list?


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