I don’t want to brag…

…but I have a TON of books.

That’s right. A ton. A lot. A plethora.

And while I have whittled down several times in my life, the number has crept up again lately, and as we are trying to thin out our belongings, it occurs to me that I hear people talking about selling their used books a lot, but I can’t seem to recall where these miraculous exchanges are taking place.

It would be nice to gain some new space….and some cash 🙂

So, dear readers, I turn to you for guidance on this topic…

Where, oh where, should I be posting my books for sale?


One thought on “I don’t want to brag…

  1. I tried selling a few books online not that long ago (earlier this year) And the few places I looked didn’t want/need my books. They were NEW books, but I guess they were swamped with copies or something.

    I think you might do better trying at Amazon. Or, what I finally did, bring them to a used bookstore and get credit. I’m going to keep buying books, so credit there is better than nothing.

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