I said “No, thank you”

Recent reports say that more people are telling their banks and credit card companies, “no thank you for your ridiculous ‘courtesy’ of allowing me to go over my limit so you can charge me more.”

Read more at this MSNMoney article: Consumers tell banks – Decline my Card!

That’s right! And I’m one of those who have asked my bank to DECLINE me if I attempt to use my debit card beyond my available balance.

I’d rather deal with the shame and scorn of the cashier than heft over the $35+ charge for each item over the limit.

Sure, I know you might be saying, “but you should know what your balance is at all times and shouldn’t charge outside of your budget.” I *hear* what you are saying, but I have to point out two things: (1) I can only be responsible for me and while my husband is awesome in many ways, he is an “over-buyer.” It is not completely unexpected to hear in our home, “but honey, I’m not sure that I needed to try each flavor of those snacks, even if they were $1 each,” and, (2) we went from years of lots of debt and no budget, to less debt (over $30K less) and a sometimes-too-flexible budget in 17 months – the process of staying to a “strict” budget is just that – a process.

So, I’ll thank the banks to help hold me to a stricter standard and learn my lessons without costing us more money…they can take my pride (but they can’t take my FREEEEEDDDDOOOOOOM!) 🙂


3 thoughts on “I said “No, thank you”

  1. We also told our credit union, “thanks but, no thanks!” I do know what is in our account daily since I’ve become quite anal about balancing the checkbook. But, DH has no clue what’s in the account and he would over buy as well. As far as I’m concerned it helps keep money in my account.

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