Putting your mouth where your money is

It seems like every month our report says the same thing — “we spent too much money on food” — and you are probably as tired of reading that as I am of writing it. I’ve been looking for the best way that we can stick to our Weight Watchers plan (that’s right – the hubby has finally signed up – high five!!!) AND our budget.

So imagine my glee when, during my normal coffee-break feed read, I saw that good ol’ Beks at Blogging Away Debt posted about a lovely online service that helps with meal planning. She shared all about her experiences with E-Mealz and how to get 10% off the subscription! I went to the site straightaway and lo, and behold, there it was…a meal plan with Weight Watchers points already calculated!!! [cue the angels]

Let me tell you why I’m so excited about this! Each week, my husband and/or I spend about 2 hours planning our meals for the week. That includes pouring through cookbooks, calculating points, making up the shopping list and checking the pantry for already existing items. For $1.25/week, we just have to print the posted menus for the week, check the pantry and go to the store – they even have the shopping list sorted by aisle, just like I do!

Don’t know about you, but as a part-time grad student, who also works a career job full-time, I could use those two hours/week.

So we’ve signed up and I’ll let you know how it goes!!!


Note: I have received no money or services from E-mealz – they don’t even know I exist.


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