Credit Karma :: Update – 1.8.11

Well, it is a brand new year, right???

So with that in mind, I thought it was time to check in to Credit Karma and see where my score was at in the scheme of things. What I found was that it went from:




This is feeling pretty good, I have to say!
They have also introduced a few other scores – you can read more about them on their website, but the one that caught my eye was VantageScore. The site says that:
VantageScore: The Next Generation of Credit Scores

VantageScore is a new credit scoring model created by America’s three major credit reporting agencies to support a truly consistent and accurate approach to credit scoring. This new score provides lenders with nearly identical risk assessment across all three credit reporting companies. Your VantageScore on Credit Karma was calculated based on information in your TransUnion credit report and follows a familiar academic scale for ease of understanding: A (901-990), B (801-900), C (701-800), D (601-700), F (501-600).

This scale runs from 500-990, versus the Transrisk score above, which is 300-850. So, with all of this in mind, VantageScore is:


That’s a B. It sounds like this is supposed to give a better idea of a score than just the Transrisk, so I’ll keep track of both on here.

**I am not paid by Credit Karma to post about their product, nor am I receiving any goods or materials from them. I am simply interested in my score and being accountable to my readers, and this seemed like the most economical way to keep on top of my score.


One thought on “Credit Karma :: Update – 1.8.11

  1. Credit Karma :: Update – 1.8.11 From the Brink of Bankruptcy: Fab article, this is one of my favourite subjects and very close to my heart. LOL. I love keeping up to date on all things new so I will be bookmarking this site. Keep up the good work!

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