It’s a diet…

I love that our WW people say that “it’s not a diet, it is a lifestyle.”

Yes. And, no.

They say that diets don’t work and that you have to make behavioral changes in order to have long-lasting health.

I agree, to a point. But when you say that it is a lifestyle, you are sugar-coating that there has to be some deprivation and sacrifice to make it work. And as I eat a pear at my desk instead of the candy bar in the candy dish 5 feet from me, I can tell you that it isn’t a lifestyle change for me to pick the pear instead of the candy bar. I want the candy bar. A lot. It is cold outside and I’m having a weird PMS-like day. But I’m making a choice to eat the pear instead. And then drink some water if I still want said candy bar.

To me, the lifestyle change would be that I would not even consider the candy bar, but would instead think of it as beneath me to eat it. Instead, I’m much more aware of the choice that I am making. And that, is a diet.

What does this have to do with a personal finance blog?

Well, I a lot, I think. I think that when we are on a budget to reduce debt, it is like trying to lose weight. In both cases, we are paying off the debt we incurred when we consumed something on the spot and promised ourselves that we would pay it off later…in both cases, we didn’t. So, our waistlines and debt grew and then we were faced with a choice – continue or change.

Obviously, in the last almost-two years, our decision to go on a money diet has been chronicled here, but a year ago (to this weekend), I started applying the same principles to my body and have been on Weight Watchers.

You saw our year-end results with money, but I wanted to post my year-end results with WW as well…so here is the loss for the year…


I won’t post the percentage, but let’s just say, there is a recommended percentage to lose to be healthier, and I’ve hit that and a little more.

So here is to the next 32 and I hope that if you are on one or both journeys that you, too, can look back and see some progress over the last year.


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