You Need A Budget – Starting Out

I am a huge fan of Blogging Away Debt and I was recently inspired by a recent post by one of the bloggers about the budgeting program You Need A Budget (AKA YNAB). 

I have been making budgets for years…YEARS. The problem comes in the form of communicating and, ahem, enforcing with the rest of the household. I SERIOUSLY hate being the warden or bad guy to have to tell everyone, “there is no money for XYZ or ABC.” After reading Ashley’s post and the comments, and getting buy-in from my husband, I decided to start the 34 day Free Trial. As of writing, we’re about 18 days in, and I have to say it has been FANTASTIC. Here’s why:

  • My husband, he who hates money constraints, is logging his purchases and is totally on-board (!!!!).
  • We’re no longer checking our bank balance to make purchases; we’re checking our budget category balance instead.
  • It is helping us be more realistic about what we really have as we are only spending what we actually have.
  • We’re more accountable to each other. 

We have variable income since I am only available part-time and my days/hours and on-call shifts vary, so we’re working toward the concept of living on last month’s income (which the thing from Ashley’s post that drew me in to begin with). I don’t know how long that will take us, especially since we’re so focused on debt reduction at the same time, but I’ll keep updating on that as well.



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